Hi, I'm Melissa!

I'm a twentysomething writer and editor living in New York City with a focus on careers, lifestyle, and being your best self :)

I love cats, vegetarian food, tea (lots of it), organizing and decorating, and when the little guy wins at the end of a story.

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I can’t believe how fast March came and went. In no time at all it’s already April, and the start of spring. Spring means new beginnings, and my new beginning is a new home :) Josh and I are moving to a sunny one-bedroom in Long Island City, and I’m so excited.

I need more happiness in my life.

I need more happiness in my life.

Good morning, Sunday! Josh made me breakfast in bed. Am I lucky or what?

Sundays are the days I reserve for getting things done. Laundry. Grocery shopping. Catching up with family. Looooong workouts at the gym.

What do you do on Sundays?

Oh! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Haven’t changed a bit. (Me and @elysse_stanger) (at crib)

I know all my pictures are of my cat, but she’s so darn photogenic! #mischathecat

Baked by Melissa (not me) in the office! #yum (at LevoLabs)

Things I wish I was doing right now: sewing. Sigh.

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Feel the NYC love.

Happy Valentine’s Day :)

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